Published stories

I write short stories in my spare time. Here are my stories that have appeared (or will appear very soon) in literary magazines.

F1. “Mountain Pass,” Prairie Journal of Canadian Literature 79 (2023), 48–55.

Unpublished stories

Here are stories I am working on and hope to get published one day. Unlike academic journals, literary magazines do not usually accept drafts that have appeared online. So for now you’ll just have to get excited about the (working) story titles and (approximate) word counts. Whenever a story gets picked up I’ll move it up to the “published” list.

☀ “Senang Diri” (2900 words)
☀ “Terminal Velocity” (3200 words)
☀ “Of You and Me” (7700 words)
☀ “Yellowhead” (6400 words)
☀ “C’est À Elle De Décider” (8000 words)
☀ “Things Can’t All Be Bad” (2600 words)
☀ “The Vigil” (3200 words)
☀ “Syazwani” (2300 words)


I don’t write poetry in any serious capacity. But here are some poems.

Lately I’ve been trying to read more. Here is a list of the books I’ve read in recent years.